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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  August 19, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: zika breaks out of the containment zone. a new cluster turns up, this time in a major tourist destination. >> from the sun and fun capital pelley: also tonight,mph! d tries something new-- humility. >> i regret it. and i do regret it. particularly, where it may have caused personal pain. >> pelley: regrets, too, from ryan lochte. he apologizes for the behavior that got him branded "the ugly american." and steve hartman-- when marge harlan recreated history, she reopened old wounds.
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you know, injustice. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, after first denying it, the state of florida reported a new cluster of locally transmitted zika virus infection, these outside the one miami neighborhood called the zika zone. five people have been infected, apparently by mui that brings the total of mosquito-borne infections in the area to 36. zika can cause severe birth defects. miami beach gets nearly eight million tourists a year, but today the c.d.c. warned pregnant women to stay away from the two zika zones. david begnaud is there. >> we believe we have a new area where local transmissions are occurring in miami beach. >> reporter: the five new
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two are still in miami beach. one has returned to el paso, texas, another to new york, and the third to taiwan. florida governor rick scott has come under fire for waiting too long to inform the public about the newest zika zone. cbs news confirmed this information yesterday, and your office told us all day and night that the reporting was wrong. >> it's very important that the information the state puts out is accurate and timely, all right. the department of health finished their investigation, concluded their investigation this morning. >> reporter: there have en record that there's a suspicion that your office is trying to downplay the zika threat. >> i want to make sure everybody in our state, and everybody who is going to come here, you know exactly what's going on. it's very important. >> reporter: joseph furst is chairman of the wynwood business improvement district. wynwood was the first zika zone. what grade would you give florida's governor on how he's handled this cries so far? >> um, to me, it's c-minus at best, and i think approaching a failure.
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these part, lies right in the heart of the new zika zone. mike palma is vice president of hospitality at the iconic clevelander hotel. >> buy bug spray and do things that are going to make it seem and deemed safe. >> reporter: you have nearly naked people walking around near bathing suit soouts. what do you do with them? >> that's a good question. people come here to relax, unplug, and enjoy andip don't think they're too worried about zika at this point. >> reporter: convincing c.d.c. is a tough sell. mercedes cabrera, who is pregnant, lives in the wynwood zika zone. she is spending most of the of her days indoors. >> mentally, zika is going through my mind 24/7. do i go outside? did i put on my spray? >> reporter: this morning, even before the governor confirmed the cases here on miami beach, crews were starting to spray against mosquitos in this very area. scott, the governor says he's been asking the federal
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c.d.c. director said more are coming, as many as five,000 them, and they will arrive on tuesday. >> pelley: david begnaud reporting, thanks. and late today, our chief medical correspondent dr. jon lapook spoke with the head of the c.d.c., dr. tom frieden. >> reporter: are the conditions on miami beach different, harder than, say, in wynwood? >> miami beach is going to be a particularly challenging area. the high-rise buildings means you can't apply aerial spraying in the same way. also, the windy conditions make h larvicide and adultacide products. on the other hand, you have more cement and pools that are clornated. >> reporter: as c.d.c. director, what keeps you up at night about this whole zika outbreak? >> i worry that it will be difficult to stop transmission once it's started in neighborhoods around the u.s. i'm deeply concerned about puerto rico, and i'm concerned that we won't have the resources we need to have a robust response, come up with better ways to find the virus, and
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>> pelley: jon, you've been covering zika for us since the outbreak in brazil. what worries you the most? >> reporter: scott, i'm worried about all the stuff we don't know. i mean, you have a place like florida, very well funded, a lot of experience fighting mosquitoes. they're throwing the kitchen sink at this, ask still they're not sure they can get it under control. what's going to happen in places like along the gulf coast, where it's likely there will be another outbreak, little towns, maybe not as well funded. are they going to even know they have somebody there who is infected and that the local and if so, are they going to have the resources to be able to control the mosquitos? and then i worry about things like the blood supply. another they're testing in puerto rico and in florida. but what other other places? is there going to be a gap between when people in other places in the united states get infected and when we find out they're infected, and in that mischief of staff period, you could potentially have somebody without any symptoms-- eight in 10 people have no symptoms -- who then donates blood. so this is the very first virus,
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transmitted. so many things we're learning every day. >> pelley: dr. jon lapook, thanks very much. to the presidential campaign, donald trump is rebooting his campaign, and the first person to get the boot today was his campaign chairman. here's dean reynolds. >> reporter: paul manafort had run the campaign since march 28, steering it through final primaries and donald trump's eventual nomination. >> the campaign's focused. and the campaign is moving forward in a positive way. >> reporter: but when the candidate's missteps this summer tu fingers began pointing at manafort. he hailed the elevation two days ago of republican pollster of kellyanne conway, and conservative journalist stephen bannon, to top positions with the campaign, but the lineup change appeared to leave manafort as the odd man out. and by this morning, he was gone, left to deal with a welter of murky accusations that he was financially involved with american antagonists until the
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called a distraction. >> i think my father didn't want to be distracted by whatever things paul was dealing with. >> reporter: trump released a statement thank manafort for "helping to get us where we are today." but where they are today is behind. >> donald trump's america is secure. terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out. >> reporter: the campaign's first commercials are designed to turn things around, and trump himself seemed to recognize the need for a fresh start when he >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. and i do regret it. particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >> reporter: and he said this today to african americans: >> you are living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs.
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what the hell do you have to lose? >> reporter: and he encouraged african americans to get on board with the trump campaign. today, trump declined to call his expression of regrets last night an actual apology and said we could interpret his statement however we wanted to. scott, the staff changes involve mostly political types that people have really never heard of, but when you hang out a sign on your campaign at management" it's almost never a good thing. >> pelley: a remarkable statement we just saw to the african american community as well. dean reynolds, thank you, dean. well, we sent charlie d'agata to ukraine to look into paul manafort's ties there. many american consultants work for foreign politicians, and manafort worked with a pro-russian ukraine president who was later overthrown. after that revolution, a ledger
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payments made by the former president's party. that's where manafort's name comes up, and where d'agata picks up the story. >> reporter: this morning, ukrainian lawmakers revealed more details about what they say are millions of dollars of undisclosed cash payments in can paul manafort's name. the items are listed in a handwritten ledger that investigators believe was discovered after disgraced the entries were made between 2007 and 2012, when manafort worked for the kremlin-backed leader. some are for computers or exit polling. but the biggest entries simply state, "manafort payment," or "contract." investigators say they consider any off-the-book payments to be illegal. but it's still unclear if any were actually made, and manafort
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anticorruption campaigner sergi leschenko says a closer is warranted. >> he has to be interrogated. he has to be under investigation. this is, of course, up to american judges and up to american judicial system. >> reporter: manafort has left open the possibility that payments were made to his u.s. firm or colleagues. leschenko says while manafort's signature doesn't appear in the ledger, a former party member, times for manafort items. kalyuzhny is a member of a nonprofit company that allegedly funneled over $1 million to a d.c. lobby firm to promote the pro-russian agenda of yanukovych. we should point out, scott, that sergi leschenko and his anticorruption team have every reason to want to see donald trump defeated this election because of his support for russia, which is currently at war with ukraine.
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kiev. charlie, thanks. the clinton campaign is hoping to put a controversy behind it. julianna goldman reports the charitable clinton foundation says it will no longer accept foreign or corporate money if hillary clinton is elected. >> reporter: of the nearly 40 top donors that have given $5 million or more to the clinton foundation, over half are foreign entities, individuals is or governments, including saudi arabia and kuwait. concomplicates of interest when hillary clinton was secretary of state and if she were to become president and it's provided fodder for donald trump. >> has hillary clinton apologized for turning the state department into a pay-for-play operation where favors are sold to the highest bidder? >> reporter: the foundation has raised more than $2 billion over the last 15 years, promoting programs focused on
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development. clinton stepped down ahead of the campaign, leaving her husband and daughter to run organization. under pressure last year, the charity limited donations from foreign governments. if his wife wins, bill clinton said he'll also step down, and while he said that changes weren't in response to outside pressure, the move could help neutralize at least one of the central ethical questions hanging over her campaign. because the changes aren't immediate, it still leaves clinton open favor before the election. scott, a foundation official said their priority is to maintain the programs that help millions of people and to presume the outcome of the election would be premature. >> pelley: julianna goldman in the washington newsroom tonight. julianna, thank you. president obama will visit baton rouge, louisiana, next tuesday after the historic flood there that has killed 13 people. manuel bojorquez was there today
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knew you would come. >> reporter: donald trump and his running mate mike pence visited some of baton rouge's hardest hit areas. >> nobody understands how bad it is. it's really incredible. so i'm just here to help. >> reporter: trump took an opportunity to draw a clear distinction between him and president obama's response. >> reporter: some have criticized the president for not cutting his new england vacation short to tutor flood-ravaged ar edwards, a democrat, has said he understood why the president might wait in order to not redirect resources from recovery efforts. his office also said trump was welcome here but not for a mere photo op. but for people here, the priority is cleanup, not politics. 40,000 homes are damaged or destroyed. judy and jerry blackwell already lost a home to hurricane katrina 11 years ago.
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escape from katrina. >> correct, correct. >> reporter: in some ways they say this flood was worse. >> with katrina you had a warning that it was coming. this you didn't. >> reporter: no warning. >> no warrant. in fact, we got up sunday morning, i took a shower, she took a shower and said, "get dressed." i said, "why?" she said,"they're coming to get us by boat." >> reporter: 30 miles south you can see by the line on this sign the water has only dropped about a foot, and, scott, there are still several feet of water >> pelley: and more rain coming. manuel bojorquez, thank you. coming up next on the cbs evening news, ryan lochte does a backflip and apologizes for what he did in rio. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments.
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>> pelley: today, olympic swimmer ryan lochte apologized for what he did in rio that earned him embarrassing headlines in the new york tabloids. the "post" dubbed him "the ugly american."
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>> reporter: today lochte said in a statement, "i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend, for not being more careful and cand nid how i described the events." brazilian authorities say lochte concocted the story to cover up what actually happened at this gas station. the security camera footage shows the athletes coming down this corridor. one of them tears a poster off this wall, and at some point, they make their way back here to the bathrooms, where the police say they vandalized one of the stalls. donate $10,000 to a brazilian charity in order to leave rio, but the incident may end up costing lochte millions. >> stupid is the operative word. >> reporter: "usa today" sports columnist nancy armour says lochte will likely lose sponsors. >> there is a very short shelf life for olympic athletes. he just fell off that shelf. do i want to give my money to michael phelps? do i want to give it to katie ledecky? do i want to give it to ryan
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choice. >> reporter: throaf lochte's sponsors are reviewing the situation and lochte has fired a p.r. firm to deal with the fallout of what could have been simply about breaking a bathroom door. >> instead it's become this international incident, it's embarrassing for the u.s.o.c., it's embarrass for ryan lochte. it's embarrassing for his three teammates. it became a mess when it didn't need to be this way. >> reporter: the united states olympic committee has now apologized to the people of brazil and says what these swimmers did was unacceptable. rio games, scott, they want to focus on gold medals and not gas station path rooms. >> pelley: ben tracy for us. ben, thanks very much. had we come back, the california fire disaster. ay, show me cars o accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax? report with every listing i like it start your used car search at picking up for kyle. here you go.
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of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. >> pelley: today, fire officials said at least 96 homes were destroyed in the intense wildfires this week in san bernardino county. carter evans is there. >> reporter: there is a lot of rubble like this to go through,
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37,000 acres went up in flames, and now firefighters believe the number of destroyed homes may rise. the damage assessment teams are out in force today, meticulously documenting the destruction. cadaver dogs have also been searching homes for anyone who may not have escaped the fast-moving flames. an 80-foot wall of fire that roared through several desert communities. so far, there are no reported deaths. meanwhile, firefighters are going back through burned out communities to douse a uvacueees are allowed to return. this afternoon, some of the evacuation orders have been lifted and, scott, that's when many people will return to see if their homes are still standing. >> pelley: carter evans, thanks. thanks. up next, steve hartman on the road. so we don't have to wad to get clean. mmm, cushiony...and we can use less. charmin ultra soft
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about the past, but clashed head on with the present. steve hartman met her "on the road." >> reporter: in sedalia, missouri, an old cliche runs through the center of town. here the railroad track still separates the mostly black part of sedalia from the mostly white. and it is on the black side that a white woman built this, a slave cabin, complete with cotton crop. it has not >> just brings back thoughts of, you know, injustice. >> that's like building a concentration camp in an all-jewish neighborhood. >> reporter: with so much racial tension in america, you've got to wonder why anyone would build such a thing. then again, with so much racial tension in america, you might want to step inside before you judge. >> we needed to come together. >> reporter: 85-year-old marge
6:57 pm
library. >> we have a whole collection of books. these can all be checked out. >> reporter: she opened the library in 2013, partly to try to start a conversation about race in her community. all your money to do this? >> yes. >> reporter: she spent more than $150,000 on it. yet, almost no one cared, or came. >> the library was going nowhere. >> reporter: you're trying to think of a way to bring more people in. >> >> reporter: "build it they will come." >> right. you have to walk through your history. you can't just step over it and pretend it's not there. >> reporter: when brings us back to the cabin. marge, a retired psychologist, really thought the community needed and would flock to this piece of the past. and she does get more visitors now. they're just not always the kind of encounters she was hoping for. >> i would rather have something more uplifting than a slave shack. >> reporter: this is preston
6:58 pm
vented, he did find something to admire in the architect. >> i mean, i understand where you was coming from. you came with a good heart. >> reporter: whenever the subject is race in america, we're often quick to judge. we're often better at outrage than understanding. but here in sedalia, in this moment, marge harlan and preston poindexter showed us that a motive still trumpaise misstep. >> can i give you a hug? >> you're a wonderful guy. >> reporter: steve hartman, "on the road," in sedalia, missouri. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley. i'll see you sunday on "60 minutes." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> judge judy: how long have you business?he construction >> 22 years, ma'am. >> announcer: a home addition ready for the wrecking ball... >> judge judy: how much did you pay him? >> $4,000 the first payment and $2,000 the second payment. >> judge judy: what you built was not built according to code. >> announcer: and the defense in danger of collapse... >> judge judy: are you a licensed contractor in virginia? >> i'm a licensed plumber. i don't have a contracting license. i may have done wrong there. >> you are about to enter you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the courtroom captions paid for by cbs television distribution. >> announcer: nancy carroll is suing contractor ian hoffman for substandard work on a porch she hired him to build. >> byrd: order! all rise! this is case number 88 on the calendar in the matter of


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